Kobalt vs Dewalt Table Saws

Kobalt vs Dewalt Table Saws: Which Brand is the Best for Your Workshop?


Table saws are an essential power tool for any home workshop. They allow you to rip, crosscut, miter, and bevel wood with accuracy and ease. Kobalt and Dewalt are two of the top brands when it comes to table saws. But which one offers the best features, performance and value for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Kobalt and Dewalt table saw models across these categories:

  • Overview of Kobalt and Dewalt table saws
  • Direct comparisons of blade speed, cutting depth, dust collection, safety features, precision, and ease of use
  • Side by side analysis of motor power, table material, portability, and warranties
  • In-depth reviews of top rated models from each brand
  • Price and value comparison between the two brands
  • Our top pick for best table saw between Kobalt and Dewalt

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or professional woodworker, this guide will help you decide if Kobalt or Dewalt table saws are the best choice based on performance, features and budget. Let’s start by looking at overviews of each brand.

Kobalt Table Saw Overview

Kobalt is the house brand of tools for Lowe’s home improvement stores. They offer a range of portable and stationary table saws for the home DIY market. Here are some highlights of their table saw line:

  • Portable, benchtop, jobsite and contractor style table saws from 15 amps up to 1850 watts motor power
  • 24T carbide tipped blades typically 10” size for smooth cutting
  • Aluminum or steel table tops from 20” x 20” up to 27” x 44” surface area
  • Blade tilt for bevel cuts up to 45-50 degrees depending on model
  • Offers both portable and stationary models ranging $200-$600 in price

Overall, Kobalt aims to provide home DIYers with affordable but capable table saws for the occasional workshop user. Now let’s look at Dewalt’s key features.

Dewalt Table Saw Overview

Dewalt Table Saw

Dewalt is a renowned American power tool manufacturer known for professional quality. They offer a wide selection of portable and stationary table saws. Here are some of their table saw highlights:

  • High power 15 to 20 amp motors up to 5800 RPM blade speed
  • 24T carbide tipped blades from 10” to 12” based on model
  • Cast iron or steel tables up to 29” x 42” surface area
  • Precision rack and pinion fence systems for smooth adjustments
  • Robust safety features like blade guards and push sticks
  • Contractor, jobsite, portable and hybrid table saw models $300-$1300 price range

Dewalt designs their table saws to withstand constant use by woodworking professionals. But does this translate to better performance for homeowners as well? Let’s compare the brands.

Side by Side Comparisons

Now we’ll directly compare Kobalt and Dewalt table saws across some of the most important factors for performance and usability:

Blade Speed

  • Kobalt – Up to 5000 RPM max blade speed
  • Dewalt – Up to 5800 RPM max blade speed

Cutting Depth

  • Kobalt – Cuts 3-5” depth depending on model
  • Dewalt – Cuts 3-6” depth depending on model

Dust Collection

  • Kobalt – 2” dust ports capture some sawdust
  • Dewalt – 2.5” dust ports filter more sawdust

Safety Features

  • Kobalt – Anti-kickback pawls, blade guard, riving knife
  • Dewalt – Same safety features plus push stick


  • Kobalt – Decent 25” fence and rack & pinion adjustment
  • Dewalt – High precision 32” fence & rail system

Ease of Use

  • Kobalt – Lightweight for portability but flex on steel tops
  • Dewalt – Heavier contractor saws but sturdy cast iron tops

As you can see, Dewalt comes out slightly ahead in direct comparisons. Now let’s look at some other differentiating factors between the brands.

Motor Power, Tables, Portability and Warranties

Here’s a comparison of some other key considerations:

Motor Power

  • Kobalt – 15-16 amp motors up to 1850W power
  • Dewalt – 15-20 amp motors up to 1800W power

Table Material

  • Kobalt – Aluminum or steel tables depending on model
  • Dewalt – Premium cast iron or steel tables


  • Kobalt – Some lightweight options for mobility
  • Dewalt – Jobsite models portable but contractor saws heavier


  • Kobalt – Typically 1-2 years limited warranty
  • Dewalt – Up to 3 years limited warranty

These factors showcase some of the performance and durability advantages of Dewalt table saws over Kobalt’s models. Now let’s look at specific top models from each brand.

Top Rated Kobalt Table Saws

Here are two of Kobalt’s highest rated portable table saw models:

Kobalt KT1015 15-Amp 10-in Carbide Tipped Blade Table Saw

  • 15 amp motor 5800 RPM
  • 24T 10” carbide tipped blade
  • Steel table 20” x 27” surface
  • Max cutting depth 3-1/8”
  • 45° bevel tilt capacity
  • 1 year warranty

This portable table saw earns positive reviews for smooth cutting ability thanks to the sharp carbide blade. The integrated folding stand with wheels adds mobility for transport. At under $200, it provides good homeowner value.

Kobalt KT1016 15-Amp 10-in Table Saw with Folding Stand

  • 15 amp 5800 RPM motor
  • 10” 24T carbide blade
  • Aluminum table 20” x 27”
  • 3-1/2” max cutting depth
  • 45° bevel tilt
  • 2 year warranty

This is another nice portable option with the addition of an quick release aluminum work table. The rolling folding stand takes the strain out of moving it. Under $300 price tag makes it budget friendly.

Top Rated Dewalt Table Saws

Here are two of Dewalt’s most popular table saws for comparison:

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw

  • 15 amp 4800 RPM motor
  • 10” 24T carbide blade
  • Cast iron table at 22.5” x 31”
  • Cut depth up to 3-1/8”
  • 49° bevel capacity
  • 3 year warranty

This professional grade table saw is built for smooth performance and precision with its rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. Weighing 90 pounds, it offers outstanding stability. Under $600 price tag for a contractor-style saw.

DEWALT DWE7485 8.25-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

  • 15 amp 5800 RPM motor
  • 10″ 24T carbide blade
  • 20” x 24.5” steel table
  • Max depth of cut at 2-9/16″
  • 0-45° bevel range
  • 3 year limited warranty

This portable table saw is designed to provide pro performance anywhere with its durable steel roll cage. The optimized foot print is great for small workshops or taking on the go to jobsites. Priced at around $400.

As expected, the Dewalt models feature sturdier construction and smoother operation thanks to high precision fence systems. But you pay more for the pro quality compared to Kobalt’s budget options.

Price and Value Comparison

When it comes to price tags and overall value, here is how Kobalt and Dewalt table saws generally compare:

  • Kobalt – Prices from $200-$600 for portable homeowner table saws
  • Dewalt – Prices from $300-$1300 for portable to professional models

If budget is a primary factor, Kobalt provides decent cutting and portability at lower price points. For a DIY homeowner, you can save money with a Kobalt saw.

For small woodshops or professional carpenters, investing more in a Dewalt will pay off long term with their increased power, precision, durability and smoother performance.

Our Final Recommendation

So between Kobalt and Dewalt, which is our final recommendation for best table saw?

For homeowners and occasional DIY users, we recommend the Kobalt KT1015 as a great value portable saw under $200. It provides smooth cutting ability thanks to the sharp carbide-tipped blade. The integrated cart with wheels allows easy mobility around the workshop or garage.

For woodworkers and professionals, we recommend the Dewalt DWE7491RS. The heavy duty cast iron table, precision rack and pinion fence, and sturdy construction ensure smooth, splinter-free cuts. It’s built for workshop durability and increased productivity.