Grizzly Table Saw Review

Grizzly Table Saw Review 2024: How My Shop Became Best Friends with Grizzly

Let me tell you a little story about how Grizzly table saws changed my workshop for the better. When I first started woodworking as a hobby, I was working with a tiny, rickety portable saw that shook like a leaf anytime I put pine to the blade. I dreamed of being able to afford one of those big, burly cabinet saws with a shiny finish and buttery smooth cuts.

Well, fast forward a few years and my hobby has turned into a bonafide small woodworking business that keeps me happily occupied in my garage-turned-workshop. As orders started coming in for cutting boards, shelves, and custom furniture pieces, I realized it was time to finally upgrade my trusty but undersized portable to a real workhorse of a table saw.

Grizzly Table Saw

That’s when I came across the Grizzly brand and discovered I could get a professional-quality cabinet saw that can handle anything I throw at it – for half the price of those elite names like SawStop or Powermatic. Ever since I got my first Grizzly, which I affectionately call ‘Big Red’, my workshop has never been the same. These Grizzly table saws just keep going like energizer bunnies, making me wonder why I didn’t upgrade years earlier.

In this Grizzly table saw review for 2024, let me tell you about the powerhouse saws I now rely on as the heart of my workspace, so you can see if Grizzly might be a match made in heaven for your woodshop too. I’ll cover everything from cutting capacity to dust collection so you know exactly what you’re getting from these workhorse machines.

My Story of Switching to Grizzly Table Saws

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let me tell you the story of how I fell head over heels for Grizzly saws. Like I said, when I first started woodworking, I could only afford a small portable job site saw. The lightweight was fine for occasional hobby projects. But as soon as I tried ripping full sheets of plywood or tackling hardwoods, the underpowered motor and flimsy fence had me wanting to tear my hair out.

I started researching bigger stationary saw options and drooled over the premium cabinet saws from Powermatic, SawStop, and Laguna. But the four-figure price tags just weren’t feasible for me as a fledgling woodworker.

That’s when a buddy told me to check out Grizzly. He had their 10” cabinet saw in his garage shop and raved about the performance for the price. As soon as I fired it up and made my first silky smooth cut, I was smitten – but still hesitant about investing.

Finally, when my business started growing faster than my little portable saw could keep up, I took the plunge on a Grizzly 1023RL cabinet saw. And let me tell you, I’ve never looked back since! Once I got a taste of that smooth power and heavy-duty build, I was hooked on Grizzly for life. I’ve since added a bigger Grizzly hybrid saw when I expanded my shop (which my workers not-so-lovingly nicknamed Big Red).

So if you’re looking for pro-style performance and features but don’t have thousands to drop on the most elite brands, definitely give Grizzly a hard look. Let’s get into the details on what sets their table saws apart.

Grizzly Table Saw Lineup

Grizzly may not have the brand recognition of Powermatic or SawStop, but they’ve been making high-quality woodworking machines since 1983. They offer a full range of stationary table saws for hobbyists up through serious production shops.

Here is a breakdown of the main types of Grizzly table saws and where each model excels:

Contractor Saws

  • Lightweight open-frame design with direct drive motor
  • Ideal for small home shops and job site use
  • G0690, G0715P, G0833 models

Cabinet Saws

  • Heavy-duty enclosed cabinet for vibration reduction
  • Beefy 3+ HP motors and large cast iron tables
  • G1023RL, G0690, G0899 models

Hybrid Saws

Grizzly Industrial G0899-10" Hybrid Table Saw
  • Balanced power and mobility in one package
  • Enclosed cabinet mounted on a wheeled base
  • G0715P, G0833 models


  • Powerful 5HP+ motors and massive tables
  • For professional shops running all-day
  • G0586, G0651 models

Grizzly has listened to customer needs, because they offer the right table saw for everyone from occasional DIYers to full-time pros. If you’re not sure which type you need, think about workspace size, mobility needs, power requirements, and cutting volume.

Now let’s look at how Grizzly saws stack up on key performance criteria from power to dust collection.

Cutting Power and Performance

When it comes to performance, table saws live and die by their cutting power and precision. Here is how Grizzly measures up:

Motor Power

Grizzly pumps plenty of muscle into their motors:

  • Contractor saws from 1.5 to 2 HP
  • Cabinet saws from 3 to 5 HP
  • Hybrid models at 2 to 3 HP

I never feel starved for power when ripping oak or chewing through plywood. Big Red’s 5 HP motor just laughs at anything I feed it.

Speed and Torque

  • 4,000 RPM is the sweet spot that provides ample torque without excess speed
  • Smooth ramp up to full speed thanks to triple V-belt drive


  • Less than 0.1 degrees of deviation even under load
  • Minimal vibration thanks to heavy build and proper balancing
  • Accurate blades leave clean, tear-out-free cuts

The combination of high-end motors and precision components gives Grizzly saws all the lively power I need with joystick-like handling and Ferrari-smooth cuts.

Cutting Capacity

A table saw needs ample cutting capacity for shelving, furniture, and other projects. Here is how Grizzly saws size up:

Throat Size

  • Contractor saws average 12” to 14” throat
  • Cabinet saws in the 13” to 30” range
  • Hybrid models like my G0715P boast 20”+ throat

Rip Capacity

  • Up to 30” on right of the blade
  • Extendable table options for 50”+ ripping

Depth of Cut

  • Delivers 3.5 to 5 inches depending on blade size
  • Dado stacks expand capacity to 3⁄4” and larger

Table Size

  • Average 27” x 42” cast iron table for stability
  • Plus extension wings for up to 50” width

That combination of throat size, cutting depth, and table dimensions handles everything from ripping plywood to cutting dado grooves for shelves. The Grizzly has become my go-to for dimensional cuts.

Build Quality and Components

grizzly table saw reviews

Grizzly may not command SawStop prices, but they don’t compromise on build quality. Here are the high-end features that ensure precision and durability:

Tables and Wings

  • Massive cast iron tables resist vibration and hold adjustments
  • Steel or cast iron wings expand table size up to 50”


  • Solid steel T-square design stays parallel to the blade
  • Cam locking fences hold position during cuts


  • Cabinet saws have beefy stands with storage space
  • Optional wheeled bases make moving the saws a breeze

Fit and Finish

  • Attention to design detail gives a premium feel
  • Powder-coated and polished components have a nice fit and finish

The sturdy workhorse build, polished look, and thoughtful engineering tell you these Grizzly saws are built for the long haul. They’re not going to let you down on job site or in a busy shop.

Dust Collection and Safety

Safety and cleanliness are huge for me in a table saw, so let’s look at how Grizzly delivers there:

Dust Collection

  • Large 4” dust ports pull dust into lower cabinet
  • Overblade shroud with 2.5” port captures above table dust

Safety Features

  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection
  • Anti-kickback pawls prevent binding and throwing wood
  • Optional riving knives maintain close blade alignment

Noise Level

  • Quieter direct drive motors reduce noise
  • Heavy cabinet design dampens vibration noises

The comprehensive dust collection and well-placed guards give you critical safety for clean operation. And the quiet-running motors reduce fatigue from loud cutting.

Grizzly vs Shop Fox vs Jet

Shop Fox and Jet are two other brands competing with Grizzly for shop saw dollars. Here is how Grizzly saws compare:

Power and Performance

  • Grizzly offers larger 3 to 5 HP motors standard
  • More torque for tough hardwoods and sheet goods
  • Equal precision and smoothness

Cutting Capacity

  • Grizzly has larger table sizes and rip capacities
  • Shop Fox and Jet compete on the depth of cut

Build Quality

  • Grizzly uses more polished cast iron and steel
  • Fit and finish give Grizzly a more refined feel


  • Grizzly is 20% to 40% lower than Shop Fox and Jet
  • Better value for same quality components

To me, Grizzly hits the sweet spot on power, quality, capacity, and price compared to these competitors. I feel like I get luxury performance at an economy price with Grizzly saws.

Pros and Cons of Grizzly Table Saws

Based on my firsthand experience, here are the main advantages and downsides of Grizzly table saws:


  • Powerful motors optimized for torque
  • Smooth, vibration-free cuts
  • Massive tables offer ample workspace
  • Rugged steel and cast iron build quality
  • Affordable pricing for features
  • Excellent factory support network


  • Limited retail distribution footprint
  • Occasional quality control issues on specs
  • Models can go years without updates
  • Questionable quality on stock miter gauges
  • Unfamiliar brand compared to competitors

Those nitpicks aside, I’ve been overwhelmingly satisfied by the performance, quality, and value of Grizzly. They quickly earned my trust and business.

Conclusion – Who Grizzly Table Saws Are For

If you like the idea of pro-caliber performance and build quality at a price working woodworkers can afford, Grizzly deserves your attention. Grizzly table saws earn my wholehearted recommendation for:

  • Home woodworkers wanting an upgrade from job site saws
  • Small woodshops on a budget but needing cabinet saw power
  • Hybrid model fans want mobility
  • Professionals who want Powermatic-style quality for less

With the right combination of brawn and brains, Grizzly table saws give your shop powerful performance and while respecting your wallet. Once you experience those smooth cuts, thoughtful features, and rugged durability yourself, you might just become best friends with Grizzly too. I know I sure did!

So if you’re looking to upgrade your table saw without breaking the bank, be sure to check out the Grizzly models. I promise your projects will thank you – as will your peace of mind knowing you got premium quality for a fair price.